What Is Underwriting?

Underwriting or as we like to say “Business Impact Partner”; means as a business you partner with us as we communicate hope and encouragement through the positive hits we play and our programming.

When you invest in one of the underwriting packages, we will air an informational announcement about your business. Our loyal listeners take note of who sponsors the station and will often do business with you. The Star FM is a wise investment that highlights your business and brings encouragement, help, and joy to our listeners.

When you partner with us your announcement will be running on a station that has over 700,000 weekly listeners.

Your announcement will play on all of our platforms: The Star FM On Air, LIVE Streaming through our website, and on our new Mobile App, which can be heard from anywhere. Also on the IHeart Radio App.

To get started, we ask for a first month’s donation in the amount of the package that you choose. Then, our Business Development Team, would like to schedule a phone appointment with you to discuss your business, work with you on your underwriting budget, and prepare your on-air message.

Paying via Electronic Funds Transfer is easy, convenient, and paperless or we will invoice you. If you commit to underwriting for 12 months, you will receive a $25 discount per month on the package you choose.

Who Can Underwrite?

Businesses, Churches or Organizations who want to support the Star FM by underwriting or sponsoring a portion of our program can receive “on air” acknowledgment of their support through an underwriting announcement.




$ 350.00/MONTH
  • check 2 Times A Day
  • check 5 Days A Week
  • check Avg. 40 Spots
  • check Annual Contract $25 less per month
  • close Live reads not included
  • close No logo on website


$ 375.00/MONTH
  • check 3 Times A Day
  • check 5 Days A Week
  • check Avg. 60 Spots
  • check Annual Contract $25 less per month
  • check Logo on website
  • close Live reads not included

What Does An Underwriting Announcement Include?

check Name Of The Business

check Address

check Phone

check Years In Business

check Generic list of products and/or services provided

check Announcements are approximately 30 seconds in length

check Announcements air between 6 am and 10 pm

Why Underwrite On Radio?

check t reaches people in their home, vehicle and business.

check It’s mobile, reaching people just before they enter the store.

check The production cost is low compared to television.

check According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, 77% of all adults tune in to radio for more than three hours every day.

Why Underwrite On Positive Radio?

check Our radio listeners ascribe an incredible amount of loyalty to their station. According to Simmons Market Research, 20.9% of Christian radio listeners listen exclusively to Christian radio. For this reason they tend to support those merchants who support their station.

check Christian radio is a message-oriented medium. In a day when radio stations are nothing more than background mediums, people tune to Christian radio for the message it conveys.